Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral: A Novel

For Katherine Givens and the four women about to become her best friends, the adventure begins with a UPS package. Inside is a pair of red sneakers filled with ashes and a note that will forever change their lives. Katherine’s oldest and dearest friend, the irrepressible Annie Freeman, left one final request-a traveling funeral-and she wants the most important women in her life as “pallbearers.”

From Sonoma to Manhattan, Katherine, Laura, Rebecca, Jill, and Marie will carry Annie’s ashes to the special places in her life. At every stop there’s a surprise encounter and a small miracle waiting, and as they whoop it up across the country, attracting interest wherever they go, they share their deepest secrets-tales of broken hearts and second chances, missed opportunities and new beginnings. And as they grieve over what they’ve lost, they discover how much is still possible if only they can unravel the secret Annie left them….

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Best Girlfriend Book EVER!

My six best friends make up The Hip Chicks Wine and Book Club and have read many great books in the past six years. This might be our favorite of all time. How we related! We have actually take several road trips and shared conversations, laughs and yes, quite a bit of wine! We want to do our own but just cry when we think of one of us dying. At least now, we have a beautiful example to follow!

Hop on -it's going to be a great ride!

I will admit that this book started out slowly but it was a wonderful story of life and loss. It shows how important women’s friendships are to them and how even the best of friends don’t know everything about them! Shortly after a woman’s death-her best friend receives a package. The package contains a pair of red tennis shoes filled with her ashes and detailed instructions about where and with whom she should scatter them. Let the adventure begin!