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Run, Bambi, Run, by Kris Radish

The sensational true crime story of a former Playboy Bunny and ex-cop convicted of murder, is now an eight-part Apple Podcast! The new edition of the original 1992 hardcover is available NOW on Amazon!

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Run, Bambi, Run

Now an eight-part Apple Podcast.
This is a story that continues to shock the nation!

Convicted killer Laurie “Bambi” Bembenek gained notoriety when she escaped prison and fled with her boyfriend to Canada. Then, as the details of her escape and life gained international headlines, millions learned what people in the Milwaukee area already knew.

But was this stunning ex-Playboy Club waitress, ex-cop, and unflinching feminist truly a killer-or was her arrest and conviction one of the most flagrant legal abuses in U.S. History?

Award-winning reporter Kris Radish spent years interviewing Bembenek and reveals intimate details about the case and Bembenek’s life. This is not just the story about a woman’s horrific murder but also the story about another woman who was judged by her looks, her intelligence, and who threatened the very foundation of a police department riddled with corruption, sexism, drugs, and sex.

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A Dangerous Woman From Nowhere

A Dangerous Woman From Nowhere is a timeless western adventure story about courage, change, risk, and learning how to unlock damaged hearts and live in the sweet moments of now.

Briar Logan is a loner who has already survived a wretched childhood, near starvation, and the harsh western frontier in the 1860s. Just when she is on the brink of finally opening her heart to the possibilities of happiness, the love of her life is kidnapped by lawless gold miners-and she steels herself for what could be the greatest loss of her life.

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The Year of Necessary Lies

One amazing year in a remarkable woman’s life journey becomes the inspiration for generations when she takes a huge risk, follows her heart, embraces forbidden love, and unwittingly becomes the champion of a winged world that is on the brink of extinction.

It’s 1904, the world is poised for drastic change, and Julia Briton is a naive, beautiful Boston socialite who suffers a series of devastating losses and discovers that her beloved husband is involved in the plume trade; the massive slaughter of birds for use in the fashion industry.

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Kris Radish

Inspiring Novelist and Award-Winning Author

Life is a grand adventure, and if you hesitate or surrender, you might miss seeing the most beautiful bird ever, the loveliest sunset, or the best kiss of your life.

Kris Radish

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