Kris Radish Spreads Her Wings

A Changing of the Heart

The Tale of the Hummingbird and the Goose

Two birds caught in the troublesome winds of winter learn lessons of life that forever change them and the birds who witness their courage, strength, sacrifice, and love.

A beautiful Hummingbird bruised by a lost love, and the jealous eyes of his brother and sister birds, gets trapped in the high early winter winds. When he falls from the sky he is certain he will die alone, far from his family, and the life he so loved.


But a kind-hearted Goose who has spent his life ignoring the call from his own heart to help other birds finally discovers the courage he needs to do what is right.

The Hummingbird and the Goose both realize that the world is full of miracles if only you can open your heart, embrace kindness, and live the truth that is in your own heart.

A Changing of the Heart is a reaffirming and heartwarming tale that offers lessons of hope, healing, and happiness for readers of all ages.