A Dangerous Woman From Nowhere

A Dangerous Woman From Nowhere is a timeless western adventure story about courage, change, risk, and learning how to unlock damaged hearts and live in the sweet moments of now.

Briar Logan is a loner who has already survived a wretched childhood, near starvation, and the harsh western frontier in the 1860s. Just when she is on the brink of finally opening her heart to the possibilities of happiness, the love of her life is kidnapped by lawless gold miners-and she steels herself for what could be the greatest loss of her life.

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Desperate to save her husband and the solitary life they have carved out of the wilderness, Briar is forced to accept the help of a damaged young man and a notorious female horse trainer. Facing whiskey runners, gold thieves, unpredictable elements, and men who will stop at nothing to get what they want, the unlikely trio must forge an uncommon bond in order to survive. Full of lessons of love, letting go, and the real meaning of family.

Review for A Dangerous Woman from Nowhere
Another Gem
“Kris Radish creates characters that seek and then celebrate the discovery of women’s innate power.”
Review for A Dangerous Woman from Nowhere
This novel has everything...
Another online reviewer said it well, “I actually found its charm to be in the quiet promise of hope and healing. None of our characters are unbroken by their brutal pasts. None of them really know how to truly move forward. And the beauty of it all? None of them could until they had each other.” This novel has everything: stunning scenery, intriguing characters, action, adventure, one of my favorite authors Kris Radish bringing her “A” game and a depth to the story that brings tears to my eyes.