Guilt, Happiness And The Word NO…

(I STILL digress from my stories to bring you this important advice…yet again!)

There is a simple word in the human language the many females have a hard time pronouncing and embracing. This word has a direct link to happiness and unfortunately for many of us, also a direct link to the feelings of guilt.

The word, of course, is no. Let us pause and not be afraid to take the word and place it gently in our lovely hands. Feel how simple this word is with it’s two sweet letters that are absolutely adorable and so easy to hold right in the center of our tired hands. This might be a good time to try and say this freeing word and see how easily it can roll off your tongue and into the atmosphere of our beautiful world.

I believe that the ability to say this word, and to use it wisely, can offer women everywhere the key to happiness.The word no can also give us protection and power. The word no can make a statement about our boundaries and the right we all have to claim who comes into our space and what happens there. When you say the word no it is as if you are drawing a line, making a bold and natural statement about who you are and what you want, and also what you demand.

It will come as no surprise to those of you have know me that I have been giving No Lessons for most of my life, and yes sometimes I have failed my own final exam but this is an exam that you can take over and over again. I love to put my hands on the side of the mouth of a woman who is struggling to use the word no as a way to gain her own happiness. Then I have her watch my lips as I say that powerful two-letter baby and make her try it and if she struggles I let her put her hands on the side of my face so she can see how waking up those No Muscles is possible for all of us.

It’s okay to say no and walk away from your guilt for using it. It’s okay to use it to dance toward your own happiness as you realize that your happiness is up to you and you alone. You have always had permission to say it and use as part of your life’s ride to the joys we are all entitled to have and to hold.

Let’s all try it now…my hands, recently washed as I sang the Happy Birthday song twice, are as warm and soft as they are ever going to be and whenever you need them they are yours. You are one person I will never say no to when you ask for my help.