Banning Books in 2023? WTH?

(I digress from my stories to bring you this important rant)

Dear Mothers Who Ban Books And The Fools Who Listen To Them,

What could you possibly be thinking by working so hard to ban books when you could be doing something REALLY important? What were you doing during history class? Do you not remember what happened in the world after other people banned books?

If you insist on continuing with your frightened crusade please ban my books because as soon as you do they will be snapped up faster than free condoms, birth control pills, wine, beer, a little marijuana, or any other thing you have decided is evil.

My books include characters who have been raped, women and men who are gay, women of color, people who lie, cheat, steal, people who make horrid mistakes, unwed mothers, people who are divorced…to name just a few.

They also include stories about people who care about each other, who sacrifice, love, who understand the value of honesty, truth, and freedom of choice. There are families like yours and mine and families that you have decided are disgusting and evil. Here is some big news for you…Reality isn’t the place you create in your small minds to keep children safe.

If there is one thing I have learned about life it is never to underestimate the mind, heart, and ability of a child. They are wise, strong, inquisitive and they are not stupid. They know what you are doing and they will read those books you have burned.

Many of you already have children who live under the LGBTQ+ umbrella and who are having sex and experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Yes, this is because they live in the real world. You cannot hide your children from the realities of what they discover, choose, enjoy, and love outside of the walls you have built.

Lastly, shame on you for being selfish and frightened when your job is to teach and prepare your children for life, real life, because it is nothing like the one where every single boy and girl does exactly what they are told, never questions, believes what others tell them, and live inside of a sheltered box.

And yes, I have raised my children who are now flourishing adults to be open and question and live their own lives because once they are born they are individuals. We gave them the gift of life and now we must let them live it however they want to live it.


Kris Radish, author, spouse, daughter, sister auntie, friend…lesbian…and writer of the realities of my beloved life.