Liferise. Sunrise.

So it’s the end of the year, well, the one that has all those dates and numbers written on it anyway. When you really think about it, the year is just an endless succession of days and nights and sunsets and sunrises, and you can pick the beginning or end of the year any old day you want to.

For as long as I can remember, which some days is about twenty minutes, I have always tried to start the new year off every day. Call it meditating or praying or just focusing on the power inside of my own mind, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a pretty empowering way to live.

Some days I totally blow it and let the outside forces of the world weigh me down and thus  I succumb to bad energy, the ups and downs of the people around me, the wind blowing in my face, bad news on the front page. You know?  In other words, I have a really shitty day. (By the way I never thought shit was a swear word because everyone in my family said it all of the time and we tend to be nice people.)

On the days when I fail at being positive and smiling when someone slaps me upside the head I try really hard to forgive myself and say, “Well, tomorrow is the beginning of a new year.”

Once a year, like in just a day, it is the beginning of 2017 (geeze!) and most people take the idea of  January 1 and ride it like a wild stallion. I’m just suggesting you try my bright idea and see what happens. And if you’d like me to pop over and slap you upside the head so you can give it a try, I’m all hands on deck!

At the very last, stick your head out the window, right into the wind,  and have a good scream. That’s works pretty damn good too!