Shit Happens…

So about five years ago my body started throwing itself on the ground.  This was a shocking experience that resulted in cracked ribs, lots of swearing, and me wondering how I could fall off my bike after all these years.

Well, I figured, shit happens.

Unfortunately that first fall kick started some other horrible stuff or maybe woke up a long sleeping issue that makes my face and neck sometimes feel as if  a group of Rainforest natives are stabbing me with sharp weapons.

Again, shit happens and it could be worse. Maybe.

I fell again last year when I was gawking at historic structures in New Orleans and plunged into a sidewalk hole large enough to house several people. It was a beautiful building, I was a bit bloody and bruised(This is a serious understatement.) but again…you know what happens.  Sadly, no alcohol was involved in this event.

So last week in my lifelong quest to find the perfect rocks I forgot I am not a prancing deer. This obsession with rocks has been going on since I was a little girl and my beloved father broke down and gave me a little metal bucket to keep in the garage for all the rocks my mother found in my pockets, under my pillow, on the table and in my underwear drawer.

Sometimes a river or pile or rocks along the highway call to me. “Kris, stop here, there is a doozy waiting for you.” This happened on the tail end of a little research drive between Telluride and Delores, Colorado. We pulled over after I shouted, “Stop! Rock Alert!” and sure enough, there was a red rock ACROSS the river calling to me. It was a beauty and in my excitement I hastily tried to leap across the river only to fall AGAIN on the same damn set of ribs.

Shit, sometimes, keeps happening.

The good thing is that I had a birthday present whiskey flask with me that has Tears Of My Enemies stamped on it and I quickly used it for medicinal purposes.

Now I have a heating pad and KT Tape on my ribs, cancelled my gym workout, and am working without trying to move.

Sadly there is no great lesson in this, because we all now know that shit happens all of the time, and I will probably fall again doing something my Mother tells me I should not be doing …”at this age.”

The red rock? I can’t tell you because I think it’s against the law and I’m in enough pain right now…but it sure is pretty!