Trust and My Heart…(this is not what you might think!)

So here’s the deal. In a few days I am going to let a medical team put me to sleep, plug me into a breathing machine and tinker with my fluttering heart. And yes, of course, I am terrified but I also know I have to trust and surrender.

Last week when I met my doctor, a major heart genius at Duke Medical Center, I was immediately transfixed by his brilliant mind. I have always been attracted to kindness and intelligence and when Dr Tristam Bahnson talked about what he was going to do to me he was so excited I thought he might throw me down on the floor and start the procedure right there.

THIS IS A GOOD THING! When someone is excited about what they do and talks about it with conviction and passion then it is wise to follow instructions, sign on the dotted line, and move forward at a rapid pace, which is exactly what I am doing.

Trusting someone with your heart, not just this way, but the other way too, is one of the biggest risks in life. If you have read any of my wonderfully written books you will know that I write about risk and change if you really want to live and not just merely survive. I have been doing just a bit of simply surviving with part of my heart so it’s time for me to take a leap of faith.

The leaping is always easier when you do your homework, when you can sense that level of compassion, love, and intelligence with the person you plan to leap with. In some cases it really does make sense to take a peek over the edge of the cliff before you jump. I am not suggesting we all become dumbasses because there are enough of those in the world.

So here we go. Follow your heart on the inside and out. Don’t be a dumbass. Do your homework and I’ll see you at the bottom of the cliff. Please bring some wine and glasses!