Review for A Grand Day to Get Lost

I have been a fan since I picked up “Elegant Gathering of White Snows” years ago. I have read anything and everything that Kris Radish has written. I stop people in book stores and put her books in their hands. Same at used book sales at the Library. I loan them to everyone with a threat of death if they are not returned.

This book is by far (so far, as I am not finished with ” A Grand Day To Get Lost” yet), one of my favorites.
You can tell Ms Radish fell in love with Florida herself and now writes about it through those eyes. I love that all of the characters are alive in my head and as the book lays on my bed I am afraid something will happen before I get back to it and read on.

READ THIS BOOK! Your life will be richer because of it. Trust me. I just finished last night and still loved this book. One of the review’s mentioned that people either love or hate Kris’s books. And I think this may be true. But I for one am on the LOVE side.