We Shall Overcome, Damn It!

Today’s ridiculous, tragic, ill-thought, male-dominated, right-wing, selfish, disgusting decision to overturn a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body should be sending a message to every woman to get up and do something.

But first…feel free to sit in your anger and disgust for as long as you need to turn your anger into something useful.

I don’t need to go over the stories about incest, and rape, and back-alley abortions and women forced into relationships via violence. The world and this sad country is littered with the tears of millions of women who have suffered because men have told them what they can and can’t do.

Those of us who are sick and tired of beared, entitled, selfish and mostly white men who could never endure the pains and sacrifice of childbirth or understand what it might be like to have someone throw you up against a wall, spit in your face, beat you bloody and then torture you with rape by invading your body with his disgusting power know the truth of this decision. Those of us who have been raped by our fathers and brothers and uncles know the truth. Those of us who have had to make a decision to end a pregnancy for personal reasons, and that by the way would be any reason, know the truth. That 14-year-old girl in Texas who now has twins knows and so does her family. Those of us who helped distraught friends walk down a dark alley and then bleed for 12 days on our bedroom floor know the truth.

But the real truth of this mess is that this is simply about power and dominance and a group of people telling the rest of us what to believe and how to live.

It is wrong and the majority of us, that would be all Americans who remain the laughing stock of the world, know it is wrong.

Think about how this happened and think about it especially if you did not vote or if you did vote for someone who helped initiate this.

Then do something. It’s also time for our daughters and their daughters to rise up because holy hell…we are freaking tired.

I have been fighting for women for over five decades and I don’t plan to quit. There is always hope. We must believe that but for just a little while I am going to open the back door and scream until I can no longer speak.

And then let the ass-kicking begin.