Resurrecting Dreams…

Sometime during the last year I must have clicked on some age-defying face creme site. So now every single time I look at one of those lovely social media sites everything from diet and exercise quick fixes to skin tighteners and ridiculous do-dads to make me look younger pop up.

I worked REALLY REALLY hard to look like this! Leave me alone!  I love my wrinkles and thin skin and occasional hair loss and the little tummy baby I have named Chardonnay. I’m just trying hard to stay in shape so the next time I fall in a river my ribs won’t hurt so much.

And do not tell me to slow down. Seriously, please save your breath because I am far from done. I am a dreamer and here to let you all know it is never too late.

I am in the midst of yet another one of my own resurrections, not just with the big move and selling everything to live on a mountain, but also with my writing. I could lie and say chasing dreams is a walk in the park but I’m too old to start lying now. It’s hard work but the view from the top of the mountain of life is amazing!

There are so many inspiring women to look up to when there is a bleak wall in front of you with the word FAILURE printed on it in bold letters. I suggest a quick trip to the hardware store to buy a sledge hammer.

Think about who you are, who you want to be, where you want to go. Make a plan. Practice saying no to people and things when they get in your way. When I get pushed around I find that a good laugh and a stiff drink are great resuscitators. I am also very fond of swearing because it can scare the living hell out of your adversaries.

There are only so many days given to each one of us.  Hurry!

And if you feel a little pressure in the middle of your back it’s just me giving you a little push in the right direction.