Grabbing a Chance…

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday and there have been some amazing celebrations. I have sweet family memories swirling around our little Big Bend, Wisconsin home, a one room cabin in the middle of nowhere, and sharing the day with friends who are also family now.

This year, high on the mountains in Southwestern Colorado, miles up a gravel road and then a driveway that looks like a ski jumpers delight, we were poised to head toward Denver to spend several days celebrating with two groups of very special friends. But alas between us and them lies two very dangerous and REALLY high mountain passes.

We have been packed to leave for several days but the lovely universe has other plans for us. Last night one pass received another 16 inches of snow and it was minus 20 up there all night. The pass beyond that looks like a snowmobile trail. We are expecting 12 inches of snow here tonight and another six tomorrow. My beloved Mother chided me by saying, “What’s wrong with you? Are you suddenly afraid of adventure?” MOM! I told her that every now and then I am somehow¬† injected with a dose of adult knowledge that could safe my life.

So here is what happens now. It’s called rolling with the punches and finding joy when the universe laughs in your face and takes away the Jeep keys. You suspend Plan A ,jump into Plan B and make the best of what can only be thought of as an opportunity. You race to the store before the snow starts and get a frozen turkey and other stuff, stick the turkey in cold water, fill the bird feeders, haul in wood, check the son’s cabin, salute the day with a little stretching in the cold wind and then stoke the fire and get your ass into your tiny writing space.

You also check with the snowplow lady, send your better half off for more wine, a little whiskey, and two things that might make diner tomorrow eatable. You call a lovely woman you know who is staying home alone and invite her up for the day if she can get her truck up the driveway and then you you start thinking about how damn thankful you are.

I have a spouse who adores me enough to drive down the mountain for wine, two adult children who are amazing, kind, and my best friends, a Mother who taught me so much about love, a very special sister, friends who are sweet treasures resting in my heart, food, shelter, and the ability to reach my dreams by being unafraid. I also am able to do what I love, what I must do to stay alive, and what calls to me every single day of my life…WRITE.

My son reminded me this morning that I sometimes called him before we came up to the mountain, crying on the phone because of my other work responsibilities, pressures from owning a demanding business, and from knowing that my heart needed something else to keep me going. So here it is and I cannot for one second take anything I have for granted or ignore how I have struggled to get to this place.

Be thankful today and every day for change, chance, and not just Plan B but also for Plan C (Thank you, Rachel!) because there is always another plan and it’s up to you to grab it and hold it close to your heart. There is opportunity in turning around, bowing to the universe that is in charge of all of us, and laughing into the wind.

Seriously..get out there and let me hear you roar!