Bras and Candles…

I was driving home from a lovely early fall hike and singing to myself when for some odd reason I decided to think about what I would buy if I had a lot of money.

When my kids were little we used to play this game when the Wisconsin Lottery first started. Back then we wished for things like college tuition, money for braces, new soccer shoes, 100 new Barbie dolls, every Lego in the world, access to a huge candy store, and magic potion so children would never grow into teenagers.

Dreams and wants and needs change but it’s still kinda fun to make believe and wish for the stars…Wait, I think I wrote a mess of books about that.

So, driving home from that hike I thought about really good bras, hopefully designed by someone who has boobs and understands the need for something comfortable to keep the girls a little perky, and candles. Not just the cheap candles I buy at a store that begins with a W, but like really good candles made of soy that smell like the middle of a pine forest, or a rainstorm, or a soft breeze from a lavender farm. Those kinds of candles cost a lot of money.

Back at home I quickly dropped back into my real world and ten minutes later someone threw a package at the front door. Ready? IT WAS A CANDLE FROM THE BARBIE LOVING LITTLE GIRL WHO IS NOW A GROWN-ASS WOMAN! It’s a real candle that smells of sage and citrus and is burning right now as I write this little story about dreams and hope and always believing that what you want will really, really, really happen.

And yes, now I am waiting for a new comfortable bra to drop out of the sky when I go outside later to plant early fall wild flower seeds.

Never stop dreaming and feel free to send me a candle.