Mountain life, cowgirls, and yeehaw

Up here on the Colorado mountaintop we are proving that you can teach old doggies new tricks.

Now that we have mastered the art of filling the cistern and have traded our flip-flops in for hiking boots, life is filled with new forms of wonder. Last week for instance we had the septic pumped out. Next up is the delivery of two cords of wood, the installation of a water filter so we can comb our hair again (the water is pretty serious here and we look as if we have been electrocuted), putting a Colorado license plate on the jeep, and trying to figure out what in the holy hell insect sounds like a jet every night after dark.

Just months ago we were doing things like going to wine tastings, having our nails done, and meeting our friends for wild nights of drinking, tasting new food, and poking fun at people from out-of-state who wore funny clothing.

Now we drive to the vegetable stand, attend the local rodeo where beer is $3, fill bird feeders, and sit on the deck with whiskey.

Someone told me a long time ago that a change is as good as a rest. Well, ain’t that the truth. Give your old dog or yourself a chance. Your dream is not going to appear if you don’t get moving.

Now go flush your city toilet and be grateful.