The World Changes Forever…

Some of us have known for a long time that something drastic was needed to change the direction of the world.

The earth, universe, everything that surrounds us and gives us life has given us warning signs for a very long time. The polluted rivers, the dark skies, the diminishing forms of wildlife, the rise in gun violence, hatred, bigotry and greed. The obvious vision of what we have done and who we have become has been there right in front of our eyes for a very long time and we have chosen not to see.

This is not a time to point fingers and to say, “I told you so…”, that would only continue the madness of the past years, and in some cases, decades of abuse. It is a time to reflect, to remember what is really important, and to think about what we really need and I hope you are finding out that it isn’t really that much.

This morning during my daily meditation walk I saw two deer feeding in the valley, birds fighting for a chance at my bird feeders, blue sky moving in across the snow covered mountains here in Southern Colorado and rays of sunlight dancing in the tall pines across the horizon. I thought about my family, the years of love they have given me and how lucky I have been to have such loving and kind friends. I lifted my eyes to the sky and thanked every Supreme Being, the Universe, and all the Dancing Goddesses for being able to do what I love the most…sit and write. I thought about the sound of my hiking boots make when I walk under trees and across grassy dried fields. I thought about the way my heart swells when I am sitting here working and I can hear the wings of birds as they zoom past my window. I thought about how much I love the quiet and calm just before it rains and the feel of falling snow on my face. I thought about how excited I get every morning just before I rise and realize I am still alive and that there is a day waiting for me to grasp it and hold to my chest as tightly as possible.

I did not think about how much money I have in the bank, how many cars I have, how much stuff I have in boxes, or what trips I might take next year or the year after. I didn’t think about how I look or what I am wearing or what someone might think about me the next time they see me.

We all know now that the world we knew a few weeks ago has already disappeared and my hope is that this new world will be filled with true hearts, the joy of laughter, the realization that life is not about things but about people, feelings, and honoring the world around us.

I am sending you all the sweet whispers of the goodness that still surrounds us and the peace and courage you need to make it through this tunnel of change and new beginnings.

You are not alone and you never have been. Reach your hand to the sky and you will feel the heartbeat of the world holding you in an embrace of brilliant love.