Joy To The World…

It’s time for a little end-of-the year empowerment for you and me and the other ten people who read this! I’m of the strange belief that every day is the start of a new year, and in a wild cosmic sort of way erases whatever we would like to have erased from the old, tired, worn out day behind us….and we should wear the hell out of every day because what a gift each and every one is!

Lots of people make resolutions at the close of a year and that is fantastic. I can use myself as an example. I have resolved to get a new left knee by the end of January and then set a record for the fastest ever recovery by a large Radish from the ripping out of the old knee. We shall see.

Talk, and even words are cheap, but I have quite a few days stacked up behind me this year to erase and that is no one’s fault but my own ridiculous self. I’ve spent a bit more time moaning about things that in retrospect could have been worse and here’s what I have been doing to make sure that every day is the start of a new year.

Unless I am late for an appointment, usually unlikely because I’m a virgo, I wake up slowly and think about the things and the people I love and then I wait for the little Carolina Wren we have named Renee to talk to me about what happened out there while I was sleeping. Then I lie in the silence and pray for a good day and send those same prayers to my mother, my own family, and to the friends I have made throughout the years who reside in such tender places in my heart. Sometimes the faces of all those people are a lovely parade in my mind, and by the way, thank you for showing up.

Then there’s the usual stuff…potty, water, coffee and checking all the bird feeders…and on and on. But then one of the most important things happens. I have finally kickstarted my meditation practice again after a stupid break and listen, if you only do one new thing this year hop on this calming, lovely, life-changing wagon.

I make all kinds of resolutions throughout the day…working out, not eating cookies and other bad shit…sending notes…writing …and often I break every single one of them and I reassure myself that tomorrow is the start of a new year. When you see something shiny you have to go fetch it.

I have been told that I am too hard on myself and I think we all are…so my darlings…let’s ease up a bit and see what that looks like because, see above, every day is the start of a new year.

Besides a few things in and attached to our bodies that break and fall apart, aging can give us the hind and foresight to laugh at what is behind and ahead, because there will be hard stuff littered all over the place. The thing is if we look closely through those piles there is always so much more good stuff. It really is how you look at things. I know this is hard but it has to be said…see, even that was hard.

And no matter what in the hell your daughter might tell you it is okay to sometimes to sit in the corner and feel sorry for yourself! Just remember every day is the start of a new year.

Now, back to dancing naked my friends!!!

(For those of you who get this far this will be my last “trying to be empowering blog” for now…I have decided per the title of the former Blog, which is now called start sharing some of them. See? Something new for this year that started today.)